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I am officially an Amazon Official Associate Influencer, to say I’m proud of myself would be an understatement. That might sound big headed but self love is the key to success. Pride is what makes us all colourful and pride month taught me that. It’s what is needed after lockdown.

Mind Aid Live #MindAidLive2021

My drive to success will continue this year as success is a journey not a destination. We need to share love and spread it across the world. Mind Aid Live will do this and I’m going to do my best to make that happen. With all your support we can and the more people who help the more we will all start to feel pride and happiness again by uniting back together through the shared love of music. As love always wins.

Rise ‘N’ Design

I will continue to rise ‘n’ design content for people and business who come to me for logos and media content designs. As I continue to research the best platforms to promote and create content for business to rise and sine.

Prime is the way to shine and I’m giving you all the links to some free trials for prime memberships for yourself to give a go and simplify the tasks that aren’t always the most fun like ordering shopping, finding the best offers and cutting out the delivery costs.


it includes prime deals, discount codes/coupons and recommendations 

Amazon Prime Membership:

Prime Video:

Prime Music Unlimited: 30 Day Free Trial and the best quality sound for your music

Prime Student: only £3.99 a month! 50% off the cost of Prime! And 10% off textbooks

Audible Audio Books: 30 day trail Free and if you subscribe to the prime option you’ll get 2 free audio books with my link

Amazon Business Account: use my link for a free sign up to Amazon business plus alternative options for business Prime and an American Express business credit card for 1 year free and a £100 amazon voucher.

You made it to the end of my post so you deserve a treat, thank you.

Here’s a code to get £5 off your first order when you spend £20 or more: DISCOUNT5P

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